IBM and Moncler: marketing measurement of influencer

MONCLER collaborates with IBM in digital transformation path towards omnicanalità, relying on big data analytics to improve customer knowledge and potential influencers, and to build a more effective communication across all channels.

By studying the data is Fashion IBM has highlighted the impact that so called advocate can determine brand perception and sales. This is not the traditional fashion blogger but of like-minded people to the brand and its values that, through digital channels, tighten relevant relationships outside the sector. These figures are micro influencer, which moncler mens jacket sale while not necessarily large numbers of followers, if involved effectively, have a strong influence on their network and to increase the visibility and effectiveness of the messages.

The approach to transformation project, moncler outlet developed by IBM iX – Interactive Experience – Digital Consulting Division of IBM, involved Twitter as a marketing platform for data collection and user engagement. The work began with a thorough analysis of the conversations on the network in the US market and on issues related to the brand.
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The survey has identified the advocate of Moncler and their network, to group and profile. Were analyzed the propensity of expenditure, socio-demographic characteristics, the engagement rate of their conversations and values communicated their behaviour within the digital channels with a focus on e-commerce.

The methodology, which joined the IBM Watson Personality Insight, has allowed us to create different Personas — tipicizzati profiles that represent the advocate and their networks like hypothetical clients. Supported by IBM’s Watson cognitive abilities, Personality Insights moncler down jackets allows to obtain information from social media, company data and other digital communications. The service uses analyses based on the psychology of language combined with algorithms of data analytics and is able to delineate moncler online individual personality traits and characteristics.

On the basis of the insight gathered Moncler and IBM iX are creating new digital marketing campaigns; Design Thinking methodology have been involved several business roles that have given its contribution to the moncler online shop design of multichannel campaigns.

With this first project, Moncler and IBM have set the stage for a new way of managing digital channels with a view to omnicanalità. A path of moncler online innovation which sees the integration of new processes, tools and methodologies and will require the more active involvement of key figures in the network with the goal of making more effective the experience with the brand by customers and prospects.

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